Segway to hit Indian shores

The personal transport maker introduces the x2 and i2 in the country

A word that best describes the current state of Indian automobile market really well is – BUZZING!
Almost every week a new player enters this market by introducing its product to woo a fraction of the 1.2 billion Indians. Segway Inc. the US based personal mobile vehicle maker is the latest firm docking at the Indian shores. The firm makes zero-emission, battery operated two-wheelers on which a person stands and can zip around narrow indoor paths or out-doors, at a max speed of around 25 km/h. You might remember it from the Mall Cop movie.

This could be an ideal toy of the spoilt rich brats as it has a steep price of over Rs 3 lakh, making it out of reach for most of us. Now, why would a flourishing US firm enter a market at the other end of the globe? Obviously, Segway sees some sizable profit in India and the spoilt brats make up just a fraction of their target audience. According to Jason G Barton, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Segway Inc. says that the company’s focus will be on commercial usage and for policing where it sees tremendous potential. These vehicles can be of high practical utility at places like the Special Economic Zones (SEZ), airports, golf courses, malls and large factories. You know, just like Paul Blart did in Mall Cop.

The US firm has tied up with Bird Group of Companies, which is into high-end retail covering BMW cars to luxury yachts. Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Group, said that its prime target would be commercial establishments and the firm will also offer it on lease. The fun and practical Segways will be imported from New Hampshire near Boston the Indian partner will display and market it through its 30 centres across the country. To start with Segway will offer base models namely the x2 and i2. As these pictures suggest, the i2 the saner of the two apt for indoor use, while the more rugged x2 can be used outdoors. The fun two-wheelers are now available in India. Now, it’s too short a notice to save that big an amount. Guess we have to join the security force of an upmarket mall to get you a ride report.

Words: Sarmad Kadiri

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