Riding the Feminine way

SteelBird Introduces Designer Series of Helmets – SB 27.

SteelBird recently introduced the Designer Series Helmet SB 27. This particular helmet is aimed at the women riders who eventually end up compromising or perhaps settling down with a design and fit made for men. Steelbird designed this series especially for the woman riders and suit their liking and personality.

These elegant looking helmets are made of high impact helmet grade plastic, which makes it highly durable and practically unbreakable. The high density thermocol will absorb the impact force of the fall or the impact produced during the time of an accident. Quite a saving grace with such features.

The helmet has a three dimensional shell (3D) making its shape an apt fit for the head. The fit is snug and covers the ear properly. The visor is an A-grade vision sheet which is effective in dull and dark conditions. It is a lightweight helmet over with decent protection. The design is ideal for extreme weather conditions. The inside layer is washable and not tight which makes it hair friendly. Maybe it’s good bye to hairloss due to helmet usage.

The SB-27 is available in various designs and colors. The feminine and catchy colors include Silver, Pink, Cherry Red, Spot red, Victor Blue, Black, White and few more shades to complement a lady’s choice.

Time for women to show their feminine side even on a bike. Don’t we agree that a lady in riding attire looks catchy. Let’s Ride.


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