Peugeot debuts Onyx concept bicycle at Paris Motor Show


Peugeot chose the Paris Motor Show to debut a stunning new concept bicycle – the all-carbonfiber Onyx, a prototype TT and triathlon machine.

The TT/tri Onyx is an eye-catching design, with its matte black and copper finish making for unconventional yet stunning looks. The stem sits flush with the top tube and neatly integrates with the elongated aero head tube. The front brake is concealed within the fork, as also seen on a Boardman AiR/TT machine. The fork exceeds the 3:1 aspect ratio limit of the UCI, but Peugeot does not plan to make a UCI-compliant version, choosing instead to focus on the global triathlon market. The bike also includes Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, Enve wheels and Rotor elliptical chainrings.


Peugeot designers placed strong emphasis on aerodynamics, with flattened handlebars for a reduced frontal area and wheels covered with fairings. The bike also has an electronic shifter, as exposed shift cables would have created excess drag. The Onyx could be sold through regular bike shops in spring 2014, when production versions are expected to be ready.

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