Payback time for KTM

Bajaj Pulsar orangeAustrian firm shares marketing mantra with Bajaj in Pulsar 220 promotions

With this international JV, Bajaj might have opened the floodgates of low-cost supply chain for KTM, but the Austrian firm has taught a few tricks of the trade to the India manufacturer too, especially in terms of effective marketing.  KTM have been relying on this tried and tested sales technique for years now. It’s simple, but very effective.

If you’ve spotted the new Pulsar 220 advert, you’ll know what we’re talking about. All you need is a bike, painted in the trademark orange colour, and a model cloaked in all-black leathers riding it on the streets. No over-priced celebrity endorsement, no radical location and no skimpily clad dames. It worked in Europe and, going by Bajaj’s continuous sales jump, the advertising campaign is doing a bit of good to the Pune-based company as well.


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