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Nambi Ganesh, Director, TCIDelphi India’s Technical Centre India (TCI) was founded in Bangalore in 2000. Since then the centre has grown rapidly and has emerged as Delphi’s largest technical centre in software development outside the US. TCI complements Delphi’s strong manufacturing base in India as well as in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. TCI has been working on a few technologies for two-wheelers such as immobilisers, instrument clusters, evaporative emission technology and fuel injection technology.

BI: What are the key performance factors and differentiators for growth in an ever growing global auto industry?

NG: Innovation has to help anyone to keep themselves ahead of time. We have been working with the Nano project for the instrument clusters while Harley-Davidson have been our major motorcycle client for instrument cluster and TSSM (turn signal and security module). The key performance factors for us would be safety, driver aid features and quality with optimised price for the Indian auto industry.


BI: As the director what will you strive for in the first year?

NG: As the automobile industry grows it throws greater challenges to provide flawless solutions to the critical functions in an automobile. Thus the passion for excellence will be the mantra to begin the year.


BI: Auto suppliers have leveraged the low-cost advantage of India. With companies looking towards emerging markets and US protectionism, do you think India can be a technology hinterland or an innovation catalyst?

NG: So long as innovation is possible at a low cost, India will have the major technology developer. We are working on integrating instrument clusters with immobilisers, body control functionalities while maintaining optimal costs on microprocessors.


BI: Where do you see India in terms of providing top-class technology to western markets?

NG: Indian engineers are strong in algorithms and mathematics. This is highly advantageous while providing mathematical algorithms, modelling and simulation and electrical and mechanical analysis prior to actual design. Electronic fuel injection systems, the demand for hybrid machines coupled with stringent emission norms and emphasis on alternative energy have all thrown challenges to work towards more efficient fuel combustion and compression systems.


BI: Is Delphi likely to make TCI a base for engineering tomorrow’s products?

NG: Delphi has more than 24 technical centres. The Indian technical centre is the biggest software center and fast expanding.


BI: What is your view on the potential of the Indian market, with large players like Hero, Bajaj, TVS and Mahindra?

NG: Delphi is predominantly into high-end bikes like Harley-Davidson. The booming Indian motorcycle industry is good news to Delphi.


BI: What are the programmes you are working on?
NG: When we started working with the Nano, it called for a change in the engineering brain along with process compliance. PCBs, components, optimisation and competitive pricing were the challenges we faced. Hence for motorcycles we are working closely with the ARAI and other regulatory authorities to understand needs and requirements for EURO V. We are working on making components like evaporative canisters and other electronic controllers work independently of the current vehicle system while providing integrated systems wherever necessary. We are beginning our India manufacturing in Chennai from July 2011. We are also looking at some advanced development projects to explore using four-wheeler technologies in two-wheelers.


BI: Please tell us something about after-sales service and training centres for instrument clusters and immobilisers.

NG: We have an after-market division, called DPSS (Delphi Product Service and Support) and they will handle service. This will also include appropriate tie-ups with local service providers to cover the length and breadth of a country like India.



Nambi Ganesh has recently been appointed as director of Delphi India’s Technical Centre India (TCI). Based in Bangalore, Ganesh is responsible for leading TCI’s efforts to meet worldwide customer demand for products that will enhance the convenience and comfort of the vehicles they drive. Bike India called on the newly appointed director to get to know TCI’s plans for the future.

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