National Women’s Championship 2013, UK

The likes of Danica Patrick in the Indy 500s showcases the fact that women are carving out a name for themselves in the world of motorsports.

Even two-wheel competitions have their own set of super heroins like Simona Zacardi, and the latest two-wheel damsel Ana Carrasco, but the fairer sex has always been a small part of the generally male-dominated world of motorcycle racing for quite some time. Thus, the decision to establish a formal national championship exclusively for women was but obvious to cater to the talent in women racers. With this spirit, Thundersport, UK, have announced the first ever ‘National Women’s Championships’ in Britan for 2013.

Speaking to the media, Thundersport boss, Dave Stewart has said, “There are more females racing bike in this country than you might actually think and they all pit their wits on equal terms against their male counterparts in championships across the UK, albeit their numbers are somewhat scattered. Don’t think for a moment these girls are in any way uncompetitive, their effort, grit and determination is so great, they race these intercontinental ballistic missiles faster than most men could even dream of.”

The National Women’s Champoinships will be sponsored by Buff, and will allow competitors to gain points in whichever championship they choose to race in at Thundersport GB including Aprilia Superteens, Aprilia RRV450GP, Supertwins, Thundersport 500, Formula & Superstock 600’s an even the GP1class. However, the question is, is there a need to create a separate championship or can women compete with their male counterparts in the same races, as they do in so many other sporting events?

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