Motoware june09

Steering RC bikes, flaunting Italian apparel or simply laying back on the couch engrossed in hardcore gaming – we give you the best options

Kyosho RC Bikes
Want the ultimate in scales? Get yourself the Kyosho Radio Controlled Motorcycles. Powered by real IC motors driving the wheel through a real chain system, these bikes come with fully functional suspension systems. You also get performance upgrades for the suspension, engine and gearing as per your requirements. A variety of aftermarket tyres with various compounds are also available. With all that, Kyoshos definitely top the scale model collectors’ list.

Oakley Oil Rig and Straight Jacket
Oakley has recently introduced the second edition of the Nicky Hayden Signature Series Oil Rig eyewear. Made for collectors, it gets metal icons for a new “split” look and includes custom graphics with Nicky’s traditional racing number. This Oil Rig is available in a Polished Black frame with Hayden’s signature etched on the Black Iridium coated lenses. For Casey Stoner fans, Oakley has offered the Ducati Edition Straight Jacket with ‘Stoner 27’ laser etched on the lens.

If street races and bike chases like those in Hollywood action flicks catch your fancy, then the Wheelman is what you want. Grab yourself some quality time on a gaming station as you play Vin Diesel’s character in the Wheelman. Get behind the wheels of a Pontiac or give yourself the adrenaline rush on a really fast bike as you race through the streets of Barcelona while accomplishing various missions. The game is now available for various consoles like PlayStation3 and XBOX 360.

Alpinestars S-MX R Boots
The all-new S-MX R series of boots brings together the classic Alpinestars racing performance, flexibility and protection with real world practicality, lightweight and comfort. Be it your easy Sunday morning ride or a track day, these S-MX R boots are the ones you’ll adore. What we have here is the latest colour option in black and green especially for those who are saving up their bucks for the Ninja!

Alpinestars MotoGP Collection
The Italian house has introduced the official MotoGP merchandise comprising of various jackets in both leather and textile. Seen here is the T-Estoril jacket which takes its name from the famous Portuguese circuit. Packed with shoulder and elbow protectors, removable liners and adjustable waist and sleeves, this one is for hardcore MotoGP fans who like to make fashion statements with first class products. Seen along with the jacket is a pair of the ’09 collection GP Plus gloves.

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