Lotus to build 200PS motorcycle, dubbed C-01, by Daniel Simon

Motor racing legends, Lotus plan to storm the global motorcycle scene with their first superbike. Dubbed the C-01, it will be their first machine on two wheels and going by their sports car division, it should be just as exciting as ever!

Lotus Motorcycles has been formed as a joint project between car designer Daniel Simon, racing partner Kodewa of Germany and the Holzer Group. The company has been silent amidst financial difficulties and not much information has been available about their sports car range or production of current and upcoming models. Their Formula 1 program has been rather fruitful with former F1 world driver’s champion Kimi Raikkonen racking up a good amount of points on his return last year and winning the first race for the team in Abu Dhabi, besides starting the 2013 race season with a win as well. Lotus as a brand is associated with exciting cars and the company’s racing pedigree helps no end. Cars like the Elise, Exige and Evora are proof enough that Lotus is capable of producing road legal machines which are completely at home on a race track and even itch to stretch their legs given the room and the full width of the road.

As far as their motorcycle programme is concerned, we are sure that the new C-01 will be a thrilling ride and can’t wait for the official unveil. Simon is one of the key design names, responsible for the shape of the incredible Bugatti Veyron. Recently, his designs reached Hollywood, with one of his most notable work being the ‘Lightcycle’ featured in Tron:Legacy. On the other hand, the Holzer Group is responsible for producing the advanced materials required for the motorcycle’s construction – carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace steel will predominantly feature on the C-01. While the engine details have not been revealed, what has been confirmed is a 200 PS output! It just can’t get any more exciting than that. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

Story: Jim Gorde

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