Motor: 250W, Top Speed: 25km/h, Range: 70km, Price: Rs 31,000 (approx)
Motor: 250W, Top Speed: 25km/h, Range: 70km, Price: Rs 31,000 (approx)


The electric vehicles manufacturing division of the Rs 500 crore Lohia Group, Lohia Auto Industries (LAI) unveiled their first electric scooters at the International Trade Fair in Delhi recently marking their entry into the electric two-wheeler segment in India.

Developed with German technology, both the Fame and the Oma have been duly designed to cater to different sets of people. Though technically same, the scoots are quite different when it comes to design. While the Fame with its feminine contours has been molded keeping the fairer sex in mind. The Oma, on the other hand comes across as the more traditional of the two with no lacy strings attached. The Fame comes in sensuous red, magnificent mauve and smart pink colour options with striking features like big twin headlamps up front and the curvy rear end, although we do feel some design cues are overdone. The Oma is available in macho black, fiery red and spirited silver shades and looks substantial for a low powered e-scoot.

Both models are powered by a 250Watt motor with rechargeable and maintainance free VRLA batteries that can be charged just with an inverter or generator. It takes around six to eight hours for a full charge. The vehicles are capable of achieving speeds of 25km/h and once charged can easily take you for almost 70km in the city. With no engine inside, the vehicles require little maintenance and the total running costs add up to be only around 10 paise per kilometre. To add to it there are no harmful emissions.

Other significant features include a telescopic front fork and high ground clearance for both the models. The scooters also have ample two-step storing capacity under the seat which can also be utilized for carrying the battery charger. There’s a glovebox in the front as well with additional storage space for small essential items. As the motor is rated at 250Watt and the true maximum speed doesn’t exceed 25km/h, both these e-scoots don’t require a registration or license for riding thus being a good option for youngsters.

Priced at Rs 31,000 a piece, both models will start selling in few months’ time. In the meantime LAI is also gearing up to introduce a high powered scooter which will be capable of doing 45km/h soon.

With its manufacturing facility at Kashipur in Uttrakhand, LAI is banking on their innovative technology and quality service to bring a revolutionary change in Indian electric vehicle market.

This is by far the most radical e-scoot in India. The design looks appealing from a few angles, while from others, it looks a bit overdone. Big lamps up front look good and the black visor with indicators on each side is a neat touch. Two step underseat storage is decent

The Oma’s big grab rail adds a practical touch

The over optimistic speedo reads 60km/h though one will never see anything more than 30km/h

The wavy design of the wheels looks good on the move