Linkin Park inspired Honda CBR250R

This year on the 11th Annual Honda Tour in the USA, Linkin Park was chosen to design a Honda CBR250R motorcycle.

The band decided to use the artwork from their new album, ‘Living Things’ as the inspiration for the motorcycles design. This customized new Linkin Park edition Honda CBR250R, worth almost $11,000(Rs. 6.3 lakh), is the 1st place prize for winning a sweepstakes competition held by Honda.

Representatives from Honda said, “Linkin Park’s signature style is all over this motorcycle. The professionals at Santini Paint & Body showed off their mad airbrushing skills and made this bike look like nothing else anyone’s ever seen on the road.” Airbrush masters Santini Paint & Body depicted the idea of shedding skin and revealing the innate glow inside. Besides the new paint job, there are no mechanical changes to the motorcycle. Unfortunately this contest is valid only for US residents, but hopefully Honda can have a similar type of contest and get an iconic Indian band to customise the bike – the Indian way.

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