James Toseland is a married man

James Toseland recently tied the knot with singer Katie Melua at the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew.

James and Katie started seeing each other in April 2011, when James went to one of Katie’s concerts at Sheffield City Hall where the two met for the first time. They announced their engagement in January 2012 and in September 2012 the two got married. When asked about his bride Toseland commented

“Katie has been great. She had no interest in me whatsoever because I was a motorcycle racer. She hadn’t heard of me. She wouldn’t even know what Valentino Rossi looked like.

“It was only because her piano player was such a fan that he kept talking about it on the tour bus after he’d met me. “It was nice and a relief for someone so established to be attracted to me because of my personality.”

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