IAN KING’s deafening drag bike comes to India

1500 Horses roar in Mumbai

Photography : Atul Aherwar

0 to 100 in a second and top speed of 403 kmph, Ian zooms past in a blink of an eye.

IAN KING and the Gulf GP Originals Fuel Drag Team came to Mumbai, India to showcase their 1500 HP drag bike. The bike was showcased in Lower Parel, Pheonix Mills and Inorbit Mall- Vashi and Malad. Gulf had organized a media showcase run of the Drag Bike at Kharghar – Navi Mumbai.

The Bike is a collaboration between PUMA Engineering and Gulf Lubricants. The Bike is a 1500cc 4 Cylinder Engine it churns 1500 Horses with an explosive Mixture of Nitro Ethane and Methanol. Least to say, it’s a rocket on wheels.

Gulf Oil brought this bike to India to portray its commitment and support for motorsports in India.

The tyre of the bike is a huge section giving massive traction needed for the bike. The bike has a fixed flat leveled wheelie bar to avoid flipping out and also housing a parachute to assist in braking when speeds hit 400 kmph+ during the drag.

Bike India attended the event and had a word with Mr. Chawla – President – Lubes Business. Chawla maintains that motorsports is now gaining popularity in India after F1 especially. Drag Racing is the largest sport in the world when it comes to viewership and viewer involvement. Chawla is optimistic that with Ian doing his run here in Mumbai, fellow motorsport enthusiasts will follow suit.

The entire team from Gulf were very happy with the response from the crowd especially when Ian revved his bike. The following pictures will convey the story of just how much Ian had here with his run in India.


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