Honda VFR1200F

Love it or hate it, the Honda VFR1200F is here to change all your preconceived notions about touring

In spite of the heavy bulk and the touring character of the VFR1200F, getting the knee down on this one is not tough. Superb handling and easy maneuverability are strengths of the Honda.

The VFR1200F looks ugly to some. Trust us guys, it’s stunning in flesh!

N for Neutral, D for Drive and S for Sports. We love this auto ‘box on a bike!

Button for up shifting and down shifting gears? Yes. The “-“ button is for downshifts while there is another one with a “+” on it on the other side which does the upshifting!

Parking brake for motorcycles are important for bikes like the VFR, that are equipped with an auto boxes. The black lever on left handlebar does the job in this case

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