Honda CBR 250R in India

CBR250R finally rides the Indian roads

The CBR250R had started creating ripples in the Indian bikers’ minds since it made its debut in Thailand last year in October. The curiosity of the enthusiasts was reaching a new height every day as there were new updates coming up every now and then. The official launch in India got delayed with the tragic tsunami in Japan. Production in the country also got delayed with certain parts not coming in due to the natural calamity. But as things started coping up, the first lot of preproduction bikes rolled out of the plant, got loaded in a truck and came straight to Mumbai where BIKE India’s Adhish Alawani reached to take the delivery of the long term testing motorcycle that Honda willingly handed over to him. With a few hundred kilometers planned, it was time to experience this most awaited machine from the Japanese stable on the Indian roads. Read further to get Adhish’s first impressions on the CBR250R as he rides it from Mumbai to Kashid and then back home to Pune.

Getting out of Mumbai, starting from the over crowded streets of Andheri, was a task in itself. But the CBR250R started making its point clear right then. With amazing midrange, this bike is a dream to ride around the traffic. Ample torque all through the revs made the ride through the traffic easy, as pulling away from fellow bikes and overtaking cars in tight spots looks so much like a child’s play. With over 30 kilometers clocked in the city, it was time to challenge the highways and the CBR250R continued to make me smile inside the helmet. The 25 PS power starts showing its goodness as 100 km/h comes up in 3rd gear itself if pulled all the way to red line in each cog. As I got a straight, open stretch, the bike succeeded in clocking 146 km/h in fifth gear with a few revs still on offer to be exploited. On a long straight, the better side of 150 km/h is more than just achievable.

The twisties came next as we advanced closer to Kashid. The amazing pro-link setup impressed me in the corners as I dared to lean the CBR around the bends, trusting the 140mm section rear rubber to its fullest. Giving gas at the apex and coming out of a corner strong enough to build adequate speed before the next corner is an awesome feeling and CBR delivered it flawlessly. The ride went on for the next few kilometers to Kashid and continued the next day on my way back to Pune. With 350 km already on clock within 30 hours of getting the bike, I was happy and smiling at the very thought that my own CBR250R is on its way. Till then, I am going to enjoy the fun of quarter-litre from our long-term test bike; not to mention the stardom on the streets of Pune too!

Words: Adhish Alawani

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