Honda all set to take the V4 way

After years of speculation Honda have finally spilled the beans on a new unnamed motorcycle sporting a V4.

Honda have finally confirmed that they are in plans to manufacture a MotoGP inspired motorcycle, aptly named as the Honda RC123. The motorcycle will sport a 1,000cc V4 mill and it will based completely on the RC123V race bike, a bit similar to the VFR750R. This street legal version is a full-fledged RC123V, albeit without the pneumatic valves, seamless gearbox and other techno trick bits. Dave Hancock, Honda Motor Europe’s Head of Product Planning & Business Development, has stated that this MotoGP “inspired” street bike will burn a hole in your wallet by £80,000 (INR 70 Lakh approx).

Hmm, thats quite a whooping price tag, but ask a true blue Honda fan, and he’ll say, “Hell! That’s going in my collection”. Blame it on the Japanese we say, who will offer the RC123V like a nuke’ which is surely going to change the MotoGP-Street bike landscape for ever. Still in its blueprint stage, this motorcycle is already causing quite a storm! And well if that’s not all Honda have also revealed their next variant of the iconic Goldwing. The new Goldwing F6B is an all new stripped down version which makes the Honda big boy sharp, sleek and light! Aimed at the US market, the new Goldwing is been stripped down by almost 28kg than a standard one. The future of dreams seems very bright for Honda.


Update: Japanese magazine Young Machine has published an artist’s impressions of what the Honda sportsbike might look like. Since the entire text there is in Japanese – and we really don’t know any Japanese except for ‘arigato’ and ‘sayonara’ – we haven’t been able to gather much from the article but, apparently, the new bike will be named the RCV1.

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