HD Hard Candy Custom

There is a very famous English proverb, ‘all that glitters is not gold’, but it seems Harley Davidson do not take it seriously. As a matter of fact, Harley Davidson have showcased their own take on glitter as you can see from this Australian TVC showcasing some glittering Harley motorcycles.

My initial reaction on this TVC was that Harley-Davidson riders in Australia aren’t as macho as their fellows in the US, riding on extremely shiny and glittery Harleys. Although I was not impressed by this new custom paint technique incorporated by Harley Davidson, I’ve got to admit that the Hard Candy Custom bikes have something really unique and almost majestic about them to look at.

I mean Harley Davidsons are always associated with dark colours meant to sent shivers down your spine on first appearance. Couple it with images of huge, bearded, tattooed guys on their saddles reminding you of Hell’s Angels. You will definitely agree that the Hard Candy options on HD bikes are meant more as a ladies’ motorcycle treat and even if you don’t agree with me I certainly do rest my case with this official video. I am sure you will agree that the HD Hard Cand Custom paint schemes are a bit too, err, flashy and almost un-Harley Davidson like.

Story: Sayem Syed

HD HCC web1 HD HCC web2

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