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Mahindra’s second offering, the Rodeo is a funky little machine with a powerful heart
Words: Ravi Chandnani 
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

With the Duro, Mahindra and Mahindra have been able to meet the needs of serious users. However, they haven’t forgotten the youth and hence to entice the fun loving youngster they have introduced the Rodeo which is a funky little machine in the truest sense. It satisfies the demands of people who love to zip around town and like to flash their machines. It is a sleek scooter that features an array of easy to use stuff that is often in demand by many youngsters these days.

The Rodeo’s key feature is its contemporary, sleek and sporty design. Though largely based on the Flyte, a few modifications set the Rodeo apart from its cousin. The well toned front end with curvaceous blinkers, a stylish headlamp, a well proportioned fender and a chrome garnish on the nose will make your college buddies drool over the scoot. Well almost! The sleekness of the Rodeo is evident in the flowing lines that start at the front end and continue towards the rear creating a perfect silhouette. At the rear, the tail lamp blends in perfectly with the rest of the design completing the sporty looking tail. The huge body coloured rear grab rail adds a little spice to the whole package.

Sporty scooters have an image of being uncomfortable, however, the Rodeo doesn’t compromise on the comfort front as the seat can accommodate a fat rider like me quite easily. Unlike conventional scoots in India, the Rodeo features a complete digital instrument cluster that has a tachometer, (the only Indian scooter currently in production to have one) speedometer, trip meter, acceleration indicator, fuel gauge and above all a clock to ensure that you stay punctual. But that’s just the cream over the coffee. The real attraction is the colour changing backlight display that has seven shades to choose from including fluorescent green, magenta and fiery red. The quality of the switches is quite neat, however, the plastics appear a bit dull.

The foot board is spacious but the gap in the center is narrow. There is more than enough storage space available under the seat which has been possible due to the front fuelling system but more on that later. 22 litres of space is at your disposal to stuff it with a full-sized helmet with enough room for a small bag or a jacket. It also features a tiny little light for easy access at night. The small storage box up front is a smart idea, however if Mahindra would have provided a lid, it would have helped in keeping stuff dry during the rains. The multi function key on the Rodeo can lock the handlebars, open the fuel cap located in the front for easy refueling and when flipped, it covers the key hole protecting the scoot against a theft attempt. Finally, it features a 12V charging point next to the key hole to keep your cell phone’s battery charged.

That’s how the Rodeo appears when it is standing still but the fun quotient is pretty similar to the aesthetic appeal of the scoot. The engine is overwhelmingly smooth and continues to stay that way throughout the rev range. Being a torquey scooter, it is able to sprint ahead with absolute ease. The fine power delivery ensures a jerk free ride. The 8PS of power and 9Nm of torque are quite adequate to zip through city traffic and negotiate the rush hour traffic jams. Many youngsters will expect the Rodeo to be very fast but it is not quite up to the mark when it comes to the top end whack. The tested scoot displayed a genuine top speed of 87km/h and a 0-60km/h timing of 12.5sec. These figures are quite ssatisfactory given the fact that the Rodeo costs Rs 46,801 (OTR, Pune) which is quite reasonable for a 125cc scooter.

One of the most important elements in a vehicle is the suspension and the Rodeo is among the few scooters that feature a telescopic front suspension which is great for stability and handling. The rear suspension is also good providing ample damping force to tackle Indian roads. Lastly, the 130mm brakes are quite up to the mark as they provide enough stopping power under hard braking to bring the scoot to a safe halt.

Sporty and sleek at the same time, the Rodeo is one scooter that is perfectly aimed at people looking for affordability and quality. This Mahindra scooter offers 125cc of power, comfortable seating, out of the world storage and a trendy instrument cluster along with a contemporary styling and good value for money. The Rodeo is a perfect blend of everything at a very reasonable price tag.

Front End A funkier front with a bit of chrome and mordern day styling makes the Rodeo more appealing

STYLING Sporty and sleek with a perfect balance of power and handling makes the Rodeo quite appealing

Digital Meter The console looks ultra stylish with the addition of a tachometer and the switchable backlight colour

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