From Japan to Canada

A Harley-Davidson’s incredible Tsunami tale­

No we are not nothing about some sort of a natural disaster occurring at Harley-Davidson headquarters, we are talking about something quite so unique that it has found its way into the Harley museum. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle that had turned up on the shores of western Canada after being lost in the Japanese tsunami last year was discovered by Peter Mark in British Columbia. Apparently, after being swept away from Miyagi prefecture, the bike spent over a year at sea floating in a cargo container.

The motorcycle’s owner, Ikuo Yokoyama who identified the motorcycle’s number plate was ecstatic and was in touch with the people at Harley. He narrated the miracle story as how his bike had been preserved in the container for over 1 year. Harley-Davidson offered to pay the bill to both fully restore the bike and then ship it back to Japan. But, Yokoyama has requested that the bike be preserved and displayed at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the U.S.

Yokoyama, who lost three family members in last year’s disasters, says that he wishes that the motorcycle, and its incredible tale, to serve as a memorial for all the victims of the March 11th tragedy. Bill Davidson, the vice president of the museum, says the owner’s wishes will be honored, and he hopes to bring Yokoyama to the unveiling.

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