Famous Brooklands 1920 Motorcycle fetches £67K at Bonhams

An extremely rare motorcycle from the 1920s that once lapped up the famed Brooklands race circuit was one of the top auctions at the Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale.

This one-of-a-kind master piece, which raced at more than 160kmph during its hey days in 1920, was sold of for a whooping £67,580 at the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show.

One of only two of its kind known to survive, this 1929 Grindlay-Peerless-JAP 500cc Hundred Model won the prestigious ‘Brooklands Gold Star’ award in 1937 by the hands of prominent VMCC member, the late Edmond “Boy” Tubb, making this motorcycle even more desirable for the auctioneers.

Other notable sales at the event included a one-owner collection of almost 50 modern-day classics, fetching a whooping £215,000, and two Brough Superior SS-80 motorcycles, which also were auctioned off for a combined amount of £130,000. While the entire sale which was raised was at a staggering amount of more than £1.3m.

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