Ducati that floats

Cigarette Racing 42X Ducati Edition


In what may be called a unique collaboration two performance icons have come together to unveil a power boat that will definitely blow you away. Cigarette Racing, a well-known power boat brand that is counted among the top brands in the world, recently showcased a marine machine, called the 42X, in association with Ducati, a motorcycle brand that has been associated with speed and performance for more than half-a-century now. The 42X is a pure performance power boat that is dipped in luxury for the upper crust of the society. This speed machine is equipped with twin 1,100 horsepower engines that produce exhilarating power to propel the beast to a top speed of 104 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of 193 km/h overland. However, the highlight of the 42X will be its special Ducati livery. Not only that, the interior will also feature the Italian marque’s colours along with a specially designed stereo system from JL audio. This is one hot product aficionados will cherish. Prices and other details can be found on www.cigaretteracing.com




Words: Ravi Chandanani

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