Ducati Diavel sold out…

Ducati Daivel red bike…until September

When the Diavel was first unveiled before the world’s press, it created a minor storm amongst the public with its love-it-or-hate-it looks. However, now it seems as if the Ducatisti have taken to the looks of this monstrous power-cruiser with the same passion that they have accorded every other Ducati sportsbike to date. According to an MCN report, almost 5,000 Diavels have been built until now, with the bike sold out in most major markets until September.

This brisk sale has enabled Ducati to rake in approximately £69 million by way of revenue from the Diavel only. Ducati aimed to make 8,000 in the bike’s first year of production but this may have to be increased as 4,700 bikes have been built in four months of full production with 3,200 officially registered around the world. Of the 4,700 Diavels built, just over 2,800 (60 per cent) are the more expensive carbon versions while the rest are standard versions.

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