Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat unveiled

Confederate have already carved out a name for themselves with creations like ‘The Wairth’ and ‘The P120 Fighter’.

The American marquee, who boasts of celebrities like actor Brad Pitt and cricketer Mahendra Singh Dohni among their clients, have now unveiled the 2013 X132 Hellcat Combat in limited editions. Powered by a beastly 2,163cc V-twin big block engine, the X132 recently broke the land speed record for big block V-twin engines with a staggering speed of 277.12 kmph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Hence, we have no reason to doubt it when Confederate claim it to be the fastest V-twin big block in the world! Only thirty-six units of the Hellcat will be available to the public, with each bike costing £45,000 (INR 39 Lakh approx).

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