CF Moto Cruz: Half Chopper, Half Scooter

Let’s face it, even though most of us learnt riding on puny little scooters during our initial years, we still think scooters are best fit for the fairer sex.

But, what if we tell you to imagine a two-wheeler which have all the attributes of a custom chopper but the heart of a scooter? CF Moto of the United States, known for some exceptional offerings in the motorcycling market today, have recently launched their new CF Moto Cruz, a half chopper-half scooter for the North American market.

This creation is the result of experimenting with a chopper, a scooter, a CVT transmission and some ingenious Chinese engineering. That’s not all, there is also a bit of an Italian connection to this as well; the EFI system fuelling this 250cc mill comes from Ducati. The icing on the cake is that the Cruz also houses an MP3 player and speakers with USB connectivity as standard and the CVT transmission is fully automatic just like a scooter. With cast aluminium wheels and a beefy contoured fuel tank, the Cruz is every bit a radical rethinking of the two genres it straddle as it could be.

Story: Sayem Syed 

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Aninda Sardar – who has written posts on Bike India.

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