Brutus, the Beefcake

The world of motorcycles never cease to amaze us. With the passing of time, more radical & more wicked concepts keeps on coming.

At the on-going EICMA show, the most bad-ass creation on two wheels is some what of a half-ATV, half-mototrcycle. Bikers, we give you the brain child of acclaimed Lambretta designer, Alessandro Tatarini’s monster, the ‘Brutus Motorcycle Concept’. This monster on two-wheels has gone to where no other motorcycle dare dream to. Housing a massive 750cc water cooled single cylinder engine it produces around 50PS of power. This humongous engine has been paired up with a CTV transmission which is mated with 14” Maxxis Big Horn wheels!

Certainly the ‘Big Foot’ of the biking world, the most surprising element on this big boy has to be its one-wheel drive unit. And yes, that’s not all, expect this mammoth ride to be a production model later this year, with public availability in Spring 2013. The Brutus will come with a whole arsenal of crazy options, which include sidecar, ski, and fire-fighting configurations! Wow this monster-truck on two wheels is certainly one for ‘Chuck Norris’ wannabes.

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