BMW’s Concept E

Concept electric scooter charges up Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Toeing the green line, BMW unveiled their long-awaited Motorrad Concept E at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept electric scooter might be an addition to the long list that the e-scooter market already has, but it emanates a certain charisma that distinguishes it from the usual crop.

From its futuristic design to its state-of-the-art features, the Concept E is a clear representation of where the company imagines the alternative commuters might be heading for. The paintjob is a combination of black, green and white hues and the battery is stored away under its green side panel. There is a fan under the pillion seat (much like the under-seat exhaust in a conventional bike), which ventilates the battery area.

As for technology, the Concept E comes with touch-buttons on the handlebar with a display screen in the middle. Also, instead of the customary rear-view mirrors, this green machine comes with two video cameras, hidden under the tail-lamp.

Just as BMW described in their presentation, we believe this concept will turn out to be a very practical and fun-to-ride commuter, while also contributing its part to a cleaner future

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