BMW Motorrad unveil 30th Anniversary K-series

The K-series has always been the sort of under rated star performer in a German football squad, the sort of vital cog in the BMW wheel.

Even though the super sleek and ultra sexy S1000RR has been making all the news for BMW Motorrad, the Bavarian giants stint with liquid-cooled four-cylinders dates back quite a few decades. In fact this love affair started almost 30 years back and thus BMW have unveild a special edition K1300S to commemorate three glorious decades of German engineering at it’s best. Aptly named as the “30 Jahre K-Modelle” version of the K1300S is draped in a special white, red and black paint scheme sporting tinted screen. This special edition is laced up with Electronic Suspension Adjustment, tyre pressure monitor (RDC stands for Reifendruckkontrolle) and Automatic Stability Control a.k.a ABS as standard. And the bucket list doesn’t end there this K1300S is souped up with HP shift assistant and HP footrests for both rider and passengers. There’s an Akrapovic silencer, heated grips and an on-board computer, too!

Well, all we can say is that Germans are really good when it comes to spoiling enthusiasts with choices.

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