Benelli unveil Uno C 250 motorcycle

Benelli are all about making some of the most state-of-the-art motorcycles in the world today, so what happens when this marque decides to add a little Nezzuri touch on a 250cc? Our guess is as good as yours. The Benelli Uno C 250 also known as the Motorad 250 was revealed by the bigwigs of Benelli in the UK and this attractive 250cc offering has certainly all the traits of its elder Benelli siblings. The Uno C 250 sports a new 250cc mill, courtesy of its Chinese factory at Qianjiang, along with an all new steel trellis frame. To keep the overall cost of the bike low, the 250 sports loads of plastic bits instead of aluminium which is something not associated with Benellis, and even the upside-down forks are made-up of hard bound plastic.

Although this new offering sports the badge of a Benelli, the fit and finish of the bike is a bit below their usual impeccable standards. The Uno C sports a single front disk but the empty caliper mount on the opposite fork leg makes it look rather under-finished. And that over-large headlight doesn’t help the styling – making the rest of the bike look rather more anemic than necessary. Other technical aspects and price have not been revealed as of now. The important point here is that, with this offering, Benelli are targeting new global markets and the Chinese-owned Italian brand might be bringing this offering to the Indian market as well soon. Watch this space!

Story: Sayem Syed

Benelli uno c 250 web1 Benelli uno c 250 web2

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