Batman’s backpack

Admit it freely or not, we have all wanted to emulate our favourite superheroes at some point or the other. And, if your favourite crime fighter just happens to be Batman, then this is a must for you. UD Replicas of USA, who so famously crafted the ‘Batman replica motorcycle suit’ earlier are now at work again, and this time the buyable bat gear from the caped crusader’s million-dollar arsenal comes in the form of a backpack.

This official licensed replica of Batman’s cape – which doubled up as a parachute in the movie, The Dark Knight, with Christian Bale jumping off the tall skyscraper in downtown Hong Kong – is moulded out of motorcycle grade body armor and sports a strap just like a normal backpack. Even if you don’t own a Batpod, we’re pretty sure that this Batpack will turn eyeballs while you zip through traffic. Interested? Get it here for the paltry sum of US $300: Batman Backpack at UD Replicas

Story: Sayem Syed

Batman Backpack web2 Batman Backpack web

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