Aston Martin Hommage Chopper by Custom Wolf

We love custom motorcycles and we love them even more when they are based on a marque like Aston Martin. Acclaimed German custom bike builders, Custom Wolf have rolled out their new creation in the form of the Aston Martin Hommage (yes, with two Ms) Chopper and it is the perfect poster bike for all you bike enthusiasts out there who also like the revered British brand made famous by a certain British superspy. On first looks, the Hommage somewhat resembles a Walz Hardcore chopper but this one embodies the lines and designs of Britain and the heart of amazing German engineering.

The Aston Martin Hommage chopper is all about the details – from an amazing laser-engraved exhaust, rear fender, seat and reservoirs, all the way to perimetral Buell-type rotors, custom front fender and handlebar. The icing on the cake surely is the paint scheme which has been intricately done up by renowned painter and pin-striper Marcus Pfiel, depicting several of Aston Martin’s icons including noted actor, Sean Cornnery’s portrait of James Bond. This custom chopper is arguably one of the best custom creations we have come across in quite some time.

Story: Sayem Syed

Picture Courtesy: CustomWolf, Germany

Aston Chopper web Aston Chopper web1 Aston Chopper web2 Aston Chopper web3 Aston Chopper web4

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