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Ravi Chandnani visits Ego Custom Wheels in Navi Mumbai to take a look at their creation customised for a Bollywood celebrity. Here are his impressions
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Ravi Chandnani visits Ego Custom Wheels in Navi Mumbai to take a look at their creation customised for a Bollywood celebrity. Here are his impressions
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Ego Custom Wheels is the brainchild of Jignesh Mistry and Rannvijay Singh. They started this venture because everything related to bikes and biking formed a common bond between the two friends. Since then both of them and their team have been working hard to ensure that they build bikes that would stand apart from the crowd. The motorcycle featured here is an excellent example of how things should be done in a neat manner. This Royal Enfield has been customised for the famous film director-producer and writer Vipul Shah, who has directed films like ‘London Dreams’, ‘Namastey London’ and the latest, ‘Action Replay’. Being a Bollywood personality Vipul Shah was not concerned about the expense involved and asked the chaps at Ego to build for him a bike that would stun everyone. This meant Jignesh and company had complete creative freedom. Many brainstorming sessions later Jignesh and Rannvijay came to the conclusion which is evident in these pictures. Let us explore the fine details that make this bike such a beauty.

Even a cursory look makes it clear that this bike is not an average custom bike. Its low, long and huge stature may look intimidating at first, but one needs to move closer to understand the beauty of it. The fine details include custom-made parts and hand-made fuel tank along with custom wheels that were done in-house and tyres that were especially ordered from the United States. These, combined with four to five months of hard labour, resulted in a spectacular piece of rolling art.

The front fork was sourced from the Pulsar 220, but the triple trees were modified to make them sturdy enough to handle the additional width of the tyre. The forks and the triple trees are finished in chrome to complement the blue and silver front fender. The headlamp cone housing the projector lamp is also a bespoke piece and was not lifted off an auto-rickshaw. The flowing stature of the bike is precise and is quite evident when you look at the tank, seat and the rear fender, which flow in a beautiful curvaceous line. The tank has been hand-beaten and carved into this beautiful tear-drop shape. And the surprising thing is that there aren’t any undulations even on the belly of the tank. It is one of the best elements of this bike. At the end of the tank you will notice a chrome component sticking out, which is actually the air-filter, which rises upwards through a recess at the back of the tank.

The seat and side panels are elegantly blended together with the tank, cleverly hiding the battery box and the wiring. The biggest piece of body work you will notice on this bike is the rear fender, which has been hand-made in order to accommodate the biggest tyre ever on a custom bike in India. Hold your breath for this – a humongous Avon Venom that has a mind-boggling width of almost one foot! Custom wheel and spacers were created in order to accommodate this giant tyre, sprocket and the brake rotor. Small details such as the handlebar grips, air-filter cover, gear-shifter linkage, handlebar and the rear swingarm were all done in-house by the fabricators at Ego Customs. Almost all the components on the bike were custom-made or modified in-house.

All this hard work and detailing have been highlighted by a shimmering shade of blue, which is accentuated by the use of silver paint with metal flakes specially imported from Singapore. A sky-blue outline completes the simple yet elegant paint job. The finishing is also top class. Minimal use of chrome on select components has resulted in a well-balanced appearance.

The Ride
Well, I have to admit that this is a very heavy bike, but somehow I was able to move it around without starting it. At first the ride might feel a little slow, but you need to open the throttle in order to let it roll smoothly. The riding posture is surprisingly similar to that in a cruiser, but with a lowered handlebar. The front end is quite heavy because of the huge front alloy wheel. However, it does not bother you much in a straight line. It’s round the corners that you really have to work your arm muscles to keep the front balanced. Being a bike equipped with a 500-cc motor, it feels sluggish and that is because of the huge 300 rear section tyre. The building team at Ego insisted that it was an important design element and also that the client loved it. Otherwise, the ride is very similar to that of a normal Bullet, save for the fact that riding it on the road attracts a lot of attention! While riding it on the Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai I had a number of people slow down next to me and click snaps of the bike in motion with their mobile phone cameras. They also asked me a number of question about the bike. It makes you feel like a celebrity and that, I think, may be the reason why Vipul Shah chose Ego Custom Wheels for the job.

I feel it is time many of the so-called custom bike builders learned a thing or two from Ego Custom Wheels in terms of quality, finish and concept. These youngsters have been able to change the way custom bikes are made in the country. Nevertheless, I shall recommend to our readers to check the bikes for themselves before jumping to a conclusion as it would give you a better idea of what can be done in terms of customising a motorcycle.

About Ego Custom Wheels
The bunch of guys at Ego Custom Wheels are all passionate bikers, who always wanted to stand out of the crowd. So, to fulfil this longing they all came up with the idea of starting their own enterprise that would churn out custom bikes of high quality with hand-crafted components. Jignesh Mistry and Rannvijay Singh, the face of MTV Roadies, a VJ and a die-hard biker, started Ego Custom Wheels with a clear aim – delivering bikes that they themselves would like to spend money on. They formed a team comprising a skilled fabricator a hard working mechanic and a few helping hands without whom the team would be incomplete. This hard working association of individuals has been able to entice many rich and famous people from various walks of life and their first big client has been Vipul Shah, the Bollywood producer-director. Apart from this, Ego Custom Wheels have also been active in modifying cars for many Bollywood flicks. So, if you are interested in transforming your everyday workhorse into a rolling piece of art, then you may get in touch with Jignesh on 09819850069

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