APEX Racing Academy

Learn your ABC and R’s of racetrack riding

Before you go racing on a racetrack, you need to know how to ride on a racetrack and for those who didn’t grow up doing it, instinct alone isn’t enough. The skill has to be developed by learning and what is a better place to learn something than a school.

The Bangalore based APEX Racing Academy is one such school that offers this special course. The academy has a team of experienced racers who teach the students how to ride on the track along with theoretical lessons on the techniques. The academy will be hosting their next session on April 21 and 22 at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. Participants can opt for the academy’s specially prepared bikes or can even ride their own. Fees for the two day course are Rs 5,000. Those who don’t want the course but won’t mind some company while they ride on the track can do so by paying Rs 2,900. For more details, contact +91 9845031273 (Anil Kumar S) or email your query to ping@apexracing.in.

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