An open call to biking brotherhood

This is the border between Norway and Sweden. There are no armed guards wielding guns and no electrically reinforced barbed wire fences along this 1,630-kilometre path, except for some plain-clothed customs officials, and that too only because Sweden is part of the European Union whereas Norway isn’t. Don’t you sometimes wish we have such borders with our neighbours so that bikers and touring enthusiasts can travel freely and enjoy the beauty of this vast Indian subcontinent?

We would be able to visit the ‘Paradise on Earth’ without the fear of bullets and our loved ones back home will breathe easier when we tell them we are taking our own Bullets (the ones manufactured by Royal Enfield, that is) to explore Leh, Ladakh & Kargil. Or, for that matter, Rajasthan or any other state that shares its borders with a neighboring country. Here’s to living in harmony and spreading the message of peace and brotherhood via the best medium there ever is or was, MOTORCYCLING!

Story: Saeed Akhtar

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