AIPL ABRO launch two-wheeler batteries

AIPL ABRO launched a range of two-wheeler batteries at the Automechanika 2013 New Delhi. AIPL Marketing is the India channel partner for ABRO Industries Inc, USA, a manufacturer of automotive care products. The maintenance-free range of batteries uses calcium alloy for the negative and positive plate, which is claimed to help in low gasing and increasing battery life. The company also claims that they use the purest grade of acid and copper tinned wires, along with additional tin to avoid corrosion in the LED.

The dry-charged range of batteries uses selenium alloy, which is claimed to help in low gasing and makes the battery low-maintenance and eco-friendly. The batteries use dry charged plates and require no initial charging, with automatic charging in 30-45 minutes after filling acid. The batteries use Japanese PE separators, tinned wires to avoid acid corrosion, and anti sulfation tablets to avoid self-discharge.

Story: Gaurav Nagpal



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