3rd Pit-Stop Rally held at Nashik

The picturesque destination of Nashik played host to the beginning of the ‘2012 Pit-Stop Two Wheeler rally’.

This year the event took place at the village Paste in Sinnar Taluka of Nashik District and was sponsored by Anjali’s Driving School. A total of 48 riders from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. were present and their rides included 7 Royal Enfield’s, 8 scooters and 33 motorcycles of different engine capacities 2 & 4 Stroke in total. The route consisted of two stages, the ‘Alfa’ & ‘Beta’ which was both approximately 7 km in length in the charming area of windmill farms near Nashik. The ‘Alfa’ stage was an upward hill climb and the ‘Beta’ was on level ground. The riders had to repeat these stages three times each to make a total of 42 km of competitive distance in the rally. Anil Kumar from Bangalore emerged the overall winner with a time of 35.12 minutes, closely followed by Ganesh Lokhande of J.A.W.S Racing Team with a time of 35.24 minutes.


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