2013 Kawasaki Z800 pictures leaked

Japanese motorcycle makers Kawasaki are all ready to unveil next year’s Z800 street bike.

The rumor mills have been long since making rounds regarding the Z800, though Kawasaki have not disclosed anything regarding the motorcycle and when will they be unveiling it. But the leaked pictures of the 2013 Z800 clearly showcases the fact that it has been derived from the Z750 bike – with a 50cc engine hike – which makes sense with the new name Z800. The chassis as well engine look quite the same as the Z750 from the ouside, while the styling on the 2013 Z800 has been clearly taken up a notch, making it look much more aggressive. We can clearly see that the styling DNA has been derived from the Z1000 superbike. Looks like the mean-green samurai is all set to enthrall motorcyclists once more.


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