TVS Young Media Racer Programme Round Three – Fight Until the Chequered Flag

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Every second you spend coasting or braking softly costs you precious seconds. Additionally, your smoothness when feeding in the throttle after braking hard for a corner will make all the difference. Coming out of C12 (the final corner before the main straight), my rear tyre occasionally slipped and slid, reminding me that I needed to work on my throttle input.

Qualifying saw a more satisfying use of my time since I had a better idea of what I needed to do. By the end of the session, I managed to shave off four seconds from my best time during practice. A few months earlier, I had done the same short loop on the same bike in a minute and 19 seconds which meant that I had the potential to go faster if I could figure out my mistakes in time.

The following day we took our places on the grid and waited for the lights to go out. The usual tension that accompanies a race was thick around us as we stood at the starting line revving our engines. Our immediate vicinity seemed to be lost in a time of its own while the world went about its normal business on either side of the tarmac. The moment the lights went out, I pulled a small wheelie and shot forward, taking a couple of positions off the start line. After the first set of corners, a careless mistake saw me lose one position to a fellow racer who was quick to capitalise on the opportunity. The following laps saw me defend my position while trying to chase down the guy in front of me.

new, bike, india, tvs, young, media, racer, programme, apache, rtr 200 4v, hjc, track, racing, feature


I managed to finish the race and also posted my best time for the weekend. Back in the pits, my fellow journalists told me that I was not riding as fast as I used to. For the coming rounds, I am looking forward to increasing my physical fitness and mental focus so I can ride to my full potential.

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Joshua Varghese – who has written posts on Bike India.

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