Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Bulgari limited edition from Vilner Crafts

Vilner Crafts have tuned up a striking and amazing Limited Edition Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle.

The design firm will be producing around 100 units for die-hard Ducati fans and owners who are looking for a custom Monster. This is the second motorcycle to go under Vilner Crafts’ scalpel – they previously produced a special edition version of a BMW F800 R – and this Ducati is itself an all out masterpiece in our eyes.

Inspiration for the refreshing design is taken from clean body lines of the praying mantis insect the Chinese martial art Kung Fu. The custom job also includes mechanical mods that will make the bike easily maneuverable, specially in urban traffic conditions and power has been uprated by 10PS to 110PS. The makeover body kit includes an aluminum holder at the front end of frame, new headlamps, seat designs and a 100mm shorter rear end. And finally, the bike is done up in an unique Pearl White color which is not available on standard models. Vilner Crafts has not released any details about the poricing or the availablity of the LE Monster, but we reckon, if you have to ask, you certainly can’t afford one.

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