Some People Need a Ruler

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The thing with people as a mass number is that it takes one moron to trigger off a chain reaction which very well could lead to an apocalyptic result were it not for someone partially sane realising that a life, or even lives, could be lost very soon if things kept going on like they were. [Read more…]

Power Up

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Would you like a power scooter? How bad is city traffic? Is it bad enough to fore-go your geared motorcycle in favour of an automatic scooter? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to that last question, you probably would be considering a 125-cc scooter, because, apart from the Aprilia SRV 850, that’s all we have. [Read more…]

The One-Second Rule

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Yes, we’ve heard of a five-second rule for food, which doesn’t hold ground, figuratively speaking. No, germs are not going to wait five seconds before they leech onto your food and not get into your belly. That aside, there is one rule I wish people would follow. [Read more…]